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Periods + Allowances

Renunciation: 6 weeks after having obtained knowledge about the inheritance or after reading of the will.

Statutory portion: Claim possible up to 3 years after death.

Supplementary claims to a compulsory portion: Donations of the last 10 years are to be considered. The 10-year period does not apply to married spouses.

Transfer of assets in the lifetime: Every 10 years, to use allowances.

among spouses: 500.000 EUR
with parents and children: 400.000 EUR
with grandchildren, if their parents are still alive: 200.000 EUR
with grandchildren, whose parents are no longer alive: 400.000 EUR
with grandchildren (2nd order) in case of death: 100.000 EUR
among brothers and sisters:  20.000 EUR
among others, such as life partners:  20.000 EUR

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Statutory shares
Periods + Allowances

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