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Estate Administration 

In the event of a death, despite all mourning, it is important to deal with all estate issues in a timely fashion. However, because the necessary experience and expertise in handling the estate are often missing, the heirs are advised to contact competent professionals to help them manage it.

First it must be determined whether the deceased left any testamentary dispositions. This is any arrangement made by the deceased in the event of his or her death. Testamentary dispositions can have been made in the form of a handwritten will, a notarial will or an inheritance contract.

Also a document, which is not immediately recognizable as a will, for example a letter, can contain testamentary dispositions. Such documents do not have to be overwritten with “will”, “last will” or something similar. For a testamentary disposition to be present, it is decisive that the author wanted to make arrangements for his or her death.

If a document is found, which could contain a testamentary disposition and it has not already been officially filed, this must be delivered to the probate court.

If necessary, we can then request and arrange certificates of inheritance for you at the probate court. In particular with handwritten wills, this request for distribution of certificates of inheritance is recommended, in order to clarify any unclear inheritance law positions of those involved and to document the position of the involved as heirs.

Who then can take action regarding the resulting estate administration? Is it the designated heir, the legal heir or the owner of the inheritance? Did the deceased provide for any special approach in handling the estate?

We can undertake the following measures in individual cases
  • Determination of the heirs
  • Entrance and evaluation of the property, inspection of the documents and files, search for wills as well as stocktaking of the furnishings and determination and statement of the assets and financial circumstances
  • Evaluation of the files and documents of those concerned
  • Correspondence with all necessary authorities, banks, insurances, telephone companies etc.
  • Organisation of the professional evacuation, renovation, delivery and - if necessary - sale of the real estate
  • Sale of other articles, like automobiles, decorations, antiques etc. on behalf the client
  • Distribution of the estate to the heirs
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