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Will / Will Organisation

A will is the effective declaration of intention of a future testator which determines a particular succession. This does not have to correspond to the legal succession. It must be written, dated and signed by the person who is bequeathing his or her property (testator).

Please remember to sign this document - the signature is very important. A notarial will is established before the notary. You can draft a valid handwritten will personally at home, preferably in cursive handwriting.

However, it often occurs that such handwritten wills contain contradictions or discrepancies, which can lead to a third party (judge) undertaking an interpretation of the handwritten will. That is why it is beneficial to consult a professional when organising and drafting a will.

However, before you begin to write a will, you should consider how you want to divide your property. It is often useful to make notes concerning the persons involved; and it has proved to be very beneficial to bring the family tree along during a consultation.

If you should, however, make notes, then it is important to be careful to mark the notes as such and not hastily set a signature under them since such a document is nevertheless a will, which you would have liked to have analysed and organised by an expert first before becoming legally effective.

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